July 23, 2012

Ancient Olympian Party

In honor of the Olympics, host a winning children's celebration built around the ancient Greek games.  This party idea would also work wonderfully as a "Hercules" theme!

Teach your little guests about Greek mythology and the history of the Olympic games, then stage competitions like races, a disk throw (wrap a Frisbee in foil!) and a kiddie javelin throw (try a broom stick spray-painted gold!):

Ancient Olympian Party
  • Decorate your party space in ancient Greek style with white linens draped from trees and Greek pedestals -- Image via Dating Divas
  • William Arthur offers a Kotinos shaped motif-- perfect for embellishing all the party papers including invitations, thank you notes and decor tags -- Available at FineStationery.com
  • Encourage guests to dress in ancient Greek garb including gladiator costumes and togas -- The Fancy Dress
  • Decorate cookies as ancient Greek coins -- The Art of the Cookie
  • After the competitions, award the victors a kotinos (a crown-wreath made from olive tree leaves), just like the Greek judges would have done in the ancient days -- Greek Olive Oil