September 5, 2012

Bride and Bridle

Many little girls dream about their one true love riding in on a white horse, but there are a few who are just as smitten with the steed as they are about the man in the saddle. There's a special bond between a girl and her horse, and an equestrian bride may wish to include her four-legged friend in her wedding festivities. Whether she is accompanied by her mare as she walks down the aisle or simply has portraits taken alongside her steed, a bride's horse is sure to add intrigue and elegance to her wedding day.

Equestrian bridal portraits can be truly stunning-- we found the images below on Pinterest. (Be sure to check out this and other horse related pins on our Equestrian Bride board.)

Every horse-riding bride should have stationery to match her passion. Here are a few of our favorite personalized notes perfect for the equestrian:

White Note with Gold Horse Motif by William Arthur

Tri-fold Note with Horse Shoe Motif by Crane & Co.