May 6, 2013

Growing Gratitude: Thank You Note Tips for Children

As a mother of three small children, I can tell you that getting them excited to write thank you notes takes some creativity. And it's not that they are ungrateful, it's more a combination of whether or not they can actually write (two are simply too young) and getting them to focus long enough to finish a note.
Ellie Mim's

That being said, I feel like it's incredibly important for them to not only feel thankful for the things they have and have done for them, but that they also learn how to express and communicate that gratitude.

Below are a few of my favorite tricks to get my children excited to write thank you notes. Do you have any tips? Share them in the comment section!

Boatman Geller

1. Do Something that Deserves Thanks
Get your kids involved and have them help someone else. Take fresh flowers to a shut-in or let them help you make cookies for a friend. Chances are they will receive a note of thanks in the mail. By allowing them to experience the feeling of someone appreciating their good deed (and let's not forget the fun-factor of receiving a letter in the mail), you will easily encourage the giving and gratitude process.

2. Get Creative
Pull out the art supplies! It's amazing what my children will do when they are allowed to use glitter! If your children don't know how to write yet, drawing or painting a picture is a great way to express their appreciation. Write a small note on their behalf and let them decorate the note with stickers, paint or whatever medium they like!
Cid Pear

3. Make it Theirs
Let your children pick out their own stationery and have it personalized with their names. By making it personal, your children will own the process and feel excited to take part in what they might see as a "grown-up" activity. Browse through our collection of children's stationery and find a design that speaks to them!