June 18, 2013

Ribbons and Banners and Bows... OH MY!

Just as fashion changes with every season, so does stationery! With thousands of designs in the market, make sure you are picking the latest in stationery trends at FineStationery.com. The hottest styles to hit the stationery runway: Ribbon runners, bow accents, and banner designs!

Ribbon designs have been appearing in the stationery world as typography and graphic design begins to grow as a popular wedding and party must-have. We love the vintage feel of a ribbon scroll on a wedding invitation or a party invitation, and it can be translated into the party decor as well. All invitations are personalized for your event:


Banners are a huge trend in entertaining and party planning. They are excellent decorations for outdoor events and can be customized for every occasion. We love them featured in these party invitations, and think it's a perfect jumping off point to planning your event. Coordinate the colors and decor of your party to the one featured in these party invites, and your sure to have a four star event. Bunting is a great addition to any summer party, and we love the use of the banners in these great summer party invitations:


Bows are a classic stationery trend that are making a huge comeback. Add a little extra touch to your stationery with a lovely silk or grosgrain ribbon, or a funky die-cut design. Bows are a feminine touch that will never go out of style:


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What is your favorite stationery trend lately?