June 25, 2013

Royal Baby Announcement Sip & See

Have you been on royal bump watch? The world has been watching in anticipation and waiting for Dutchess and Prince to welcome the newest heir or heiress to the British throne. Nothing is more exciting than the lives of true royalty in our lifetime, so in honor of the momentous event in history, host a royal baby shower or sip and see for your newest arrival this summer!

Since we are unsure of the gender or name of the new prince or princess of England, we will have to keep this event gender neutral with no color. If the gender of the new baby is unknown at the time of the baby shower, it's a great idea to use the mother-to-be's favorite color as a starting place.

Everything about this theme should be kept elegant and classic. Keeping elements understated is key to limiting the event from being tacky or kitschy. Send out these vintage stroller inspired invitations with beautiful bows accents to announce the arrival of your little prince or princess. These luxurious invites will set the perfect tone for your elegant affair. Vintage Carriage by Odd Balls

Continue the regal theme by using real silverware and silver tea sets for the party. If you don't own a large piece tea set, rent one from a party vendor or borrow from a friend. Polished silver is beautiful to display on white tablecloths and against white decor and can be used for drinking tea for guests. Be sure to have enough tea cups for all guests and a variety of tea flavor options. Silver Tea Set by Style Me Pretty

Finger foods such as tea cakes and desserts are also an excellent addition to the party. We chose white macarons to continue to the all white elegance and displayed them on a glass platter. Glass and sterling silver compliment each other well, so it's okay to mix and match for decor. Some other great finger food options include: scones, cucumber sandwiches, tea sandwiches, cheese and crackers, or cake pops. White Macarons via Pinterest

Lastly, make sure the new bundle of joy is in the finest cotton and silver. We love this customizable cotton cable knit baby blanket in white. This is a piece that is timeless and can be cherished by the child for years. The silver cup is a traditional baby gift for newborns and can be passed down from generation to generation as a family heirloom. Cable Cotton Blanket by Ralph Lauren & Newton Sterling Silver Cup by Reed & Barton

When do you think the royal baby will arrive? We are taking all guesses in the comments section!