June 10, 2013

Summer Activities and Crafts for Kids

Entertaining your little ones for an entire summer can be difficult. Keeping busy both indoors and outdoors with the same activities can become monotonous, and very soon your children will shout the dreaded three word phrase "Mom, I'm bored!"

With so much free time during the summer, we encourage parents to plan stimulating activities that get kids active through the non-school months. Celebrations.com is an excellent online resource for creative party planning ideas, delicious recipes, DIY how-to's and tutorials, and everyday activities. They even have a section dedicated just for kids! Here are six amazing summer activities and crafts that will be great "bored busters" for your family this season.


Take advantage of the great summer sun and teach a little bit of science at the same time. Crafts using solar power or solar energy are a great lesson for young minds, and easy to understand from a young age. Teach your kids about the wonders of the sun, it's ability to create energy, and how humans, plants, and animals have been using it to survive for thousands of years! How Does the Sun Provide Heat? by Discovery Kids

Light sensitive photo paper can be purchased at any local craft store, and imagined into a million different possibilities. Go on a family nature hike and grab native plants and natural objects that have interesting shapes. Place these objects on the light sensitive paper in direct sunlight, and at the end of the day you will have amazing designs that can be framed or placed in a summer scrapbook or journal. Sun Prints Summer Craft for Kids by Celebrations.com

To continue the sun amusement, recycle your leftover crayons from the end of the school year for these next two crafts. Create crazy solar made crayons by breaking up your old crayons (whether by hand or in a food processor- your choice) and placing the bits and pieces into a cupcake tin. Silicon molds also work. Place on the patio for the day (it's best to start this craft in the morning to get the most sun) and allow to cool off by bringing them inside. When they are cooled, pop out the crayon shapes and you have a whole new set of art supplies. You can vary this craft by adding fine glitter, using different molds with shapes, and creating different color combinations. Solar Crayons Summer Craft for Kids by Celebrations.com

If your kids are too old to use crayons to draw anymore, you can use discarded crayons to make cool wall art to decorate their rooms! Using a hot glue gun, place various crayons in a funky design around a white canvas. Place the canvas outside on a slant for a drip effect, or flat for a pooling effect, and watch the art transform. More advanced artists can use sticker letters to stencil out their names or favorite quotes. And for those rainy days, this craft can also be done inside with a blow dryer! Melted Crayon Wall Art for Kids by Celebrations.com

Reuse old cans of frosting, or any lightweight can or jar, and create a ribbon windsock with leftover craft supplies. These tutorial is very easy to follow and kids will love to hang their creation in the backyard. All this activity requires is ribbon or paper, a can or jar, scissors, and double stick tape or glue. Summer Windsock Craft for Kids by Celebrations.com

For a little indoor time, we love this non-toxic activity. Using kitchen ingredients and craft supplies, you can create a full color spectrum of fun glitter play dough balls for an awesome rainy day activity. Experiment with different levels of food colorings for different color effects. Rainbow Glitter Play-Doh by Celebrations.com
The last activity is for the advanced crafter. What kid wouldn't get a kick out of playing outside in their very own teepee? This awesome craft is great to set up before play dates and sleepovers. Once constructed, kids will spend hours outside playing in the yard. How to Make a Teepee by Celebrations.com

Try out an activity and let us know how it goes. What crafts do your children love doing in the summer?

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