June 20, 2013

Summer Popsicle Cocktails Recipes

It's beginning to heat up outside which can only mean one thing... summer! It's time to send out those summer party invitations and gather friends and family for some outdoor fun.

In order to keep your cool, create these tasty popsicle cocktails and serve them at your next cocktail hour! It's as easy as freezing your favorite mixed drinks in popsicle molds or adding ice pops to popular cocktail recipes.


Nothing better than a little bubbly. Using seasonal summer fruits like blackberries and strawberries, this yummy prosecco popsicle recipe is beautiful when served in individual glasses and easy to serve. For an alternative recipe, they can also be made in shooter glasses or large shot glasses for mini popsicle cocktails. Blackberry Prosecco Popsicle by EndlessSimmer.com

If you don't have much time to prep drinks before your party, these champagne and popsicle drinks are as easy as picking up two ingredients: prosecco or champagne and popsicles. These drinks are very colorful and great to display when guests arrive. As the frozen popsicle melts, the champagne and juice melt to create a fizzy and fun frozen concoction. Champagne and Popsicle Cocktail Recipe by Celebrations.com

These pomegranate punch popsicle cocktails are a great treat for dessert. We love the deep red color the drink takes on as the strawberry ice pop melts away into the drink.  Pomegranate Punch with Strawberry Ice Blocks by LoveMyWay.co.nz

If you prefer to have more popsicle less cocktail, then we suggest serving "poptails", a popsicle and cocktail drink hybrid. Whether served during the entirety of the celebration or as a dessert at the end, guests will get a kick out of the frozen treat and its unique flavorings! In order to freeze properly, there is a limited amount of alcohol per serving. These popsicles can also be used to garnish their popular liquid cocktail counterparts. The frozen pop can serve as a great drink chiller in lieu of ice cubes, and the stick formation makes it a great drink mixer. Cucumber Honeydew Margarita Popsicles by Celebrations.com &  Grapefruit and Strawberry Greyhound Poptail by EndlessSimmer.com

For a more boozy frozen drink, more alcohol can be added to these recipes, but don't expect them to fully freeze when the recipes are altered. If more alcohol is added to many of these recipes, it will result in more of a cocktail slush (which is still fun!) This cocktail slushy can be served in a bucket with a fun ice cream scooper or ice shovel and garnished with a spoon or straw for another fun frozen treat!

Another alternative is to use sugar free pops and ingredients to make skinny poptails! Many companies make sugar free popsicles which will help with calorie and sugar counts on these recipes. For more cocktail recipes, visit Celebrations.com.

We hope you enjoy these summer drink ideas and create some of your own using your favorite cocktail recipe. What summer cocktail recipe are you dying to make into a poptail?