July 19, 2013

Dadchelor Parties for the Dad-to-be

Having a newborn baby in the house is a new experience for new moms, and new dads too. A hot new trend that we are seeing in the baby realm is "Man Showers" or "Dadchelor" parties, an all-male event in honor of the future dad-to-be. These parties act as a last hurrah for new dads that want to get some quality man-time in before the little one arrives. Having a baby is a life changing event for both a mother and a father, so host a celebration for dad too in anticipations of the new baby.


Send out invitations to let your group know about the date in advance so they can make proper arrangements. We are hosting this party today at a baseball stadium. There are tons of ideas that can act as great themes for a man shower party including a bar night, a barbecue, a weekend of camping, a football game, a poker night, and so many more. Chevron Invitation by Boatman Geller

Serve up some good man grub! Who can resists a spicy hot dog combo and an ice cold beer? It's the best way to keep cool in the hot summer days and enjoy time with friends. Jalapeno Cheddar Hot Dog Recipe by Celebrations.com

It's always nice to bring a small personalized gift for the dad-to-be. This adorable baseball onesie is customizable and dad will love showing off his newest little fan. Personalized Yankee Jersey Baby Onesie by Etsy.com

Finally, give everyone a parting gift to remember the awesome day you all had. These sport themed popcorn tins are great for gifting! New York Yankees 3-Flavor Popcorn Tins by The Popcorn Factory

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What do you think of this new trend in baby showers? Will you be planning a Man Shower?