July 1, 2013

The Gracious Guest

Are you headed to a friend or family members home for the long Independence Day weekend? Be sure to include a host or hostess gift with your packing to make sure you are a gracious guest in their home.

The difference between a good guest and a great guest is a guest that brings a thoughtful gift. At FineStationery.com, there are hundreds of products that make great host and hostess gifts for your summer hosts.


For the grill master, we suggest these customized grill recipe cards that allow the griller to mark down their favorite recipes on their personalized recipe cards to hold on to for summers to come. Grill Master Recipe Card by UBU

For the cocktail enthusiast, provide them with new bar essentials for proper entertaining. This designer ice bucket is the perfect gift for the bartender at heart and can be personalized to read any message. Add matching beverage coasters customized to match and you have a complete bar upgrade. Pink Cameron Ice Bucket by Boatman Geller and Orange Coral Coaster by Boatman Geller

For the baker or chef, items for the kitchen make great gifts. Customized pieces always make for excellent gifts that people wouldn't normally buy for themselves. Other items featured include:

Moss Lattice Cocktail Napking by Caspari

Navy Knot Placemat by Boatman Geller

Nautical Dinner Plate by Boatman Geller

Square Bright Floral Tray by Boatman Geller

With so many choices, it's hard to choose what you will get.

What was your favorite gift given to you?