August 22, 2013

An Office Man Shower

We hosted a surprise dadchelor party for a co-worker last week and wanted to share a few shots from the fun afternoon!
A co-worker in the office is having a baby girl, so we decided to host a mini celebration to congratulate him and his wife on their special #2! Since the trend of having a "man shower" is so popular in the baby world lately, we decided to theme our party around man showers!

We designed a chalkboard style banner with yellow grosgrain ribbon and black cardstock that read "Man Shower" in fun handwritten letters. We even included a hand drawn moustache as well. We used a white paint pen for the lettering and included a quick stitching effect on the outside of all pendants to give it a chalk look. We then hot glued all the pieces onto a yellow ribbon and strung it onto the wall.

Chocolate moustache lollipops were made from melting black colored chocolate from the craft store and cooling them in moustache lollipop molds with candy sticks. We then individually wrapped the lollipops and tied them with thin yellow ribbon and placed them in clear mason jars for everyone to enjoy.

Cupakes from our local Crumbs Bake Shop were purchased and displayed on the tables with our assortment of IPAs (the dad's favorite!). With so many flavors to choose from, many employees had more than one mini cupcake!

We had a great time celebrating a new baby arrival. How do you celebrate with your co-workers?