August 14, 2013

Destination Wedding: Bermuda

We're packing up our suitcases and preparing for lift off! More and more we are seeing brides and grooms take flight and say their "I do's" at more exotic places around the world. From Brazil to Belgium, this new wedding trend is becoming ever more popular.

The appeal of the destination wedding is that it becomes a great experience for everyone who attends. Taking the time to plan a trip for everyone shows that you truly want these people to participate in your special day. This creates a more intimate occasion rather than a large affair, and really keeps the wedding trip filled with love and happiness. The stress of planning a large event is eliminated, and a smaller party can take place with less hassle.

The pink beaches of the Bermuda islands inspired our blog post today.


Sending an incredible wedding invitation is important for a destination wedding. For those friends and family members that will receive an invitation to your wedding, but will not be able to attend, these invitations act as keepsakes that they can hold onto to remember this event. It is a thoughtful gesture on the bride and groom's part to send a quality wedding invitation as a memento. Allie Monroe Pink Plastic Invitation

Planning a wedding on the beach means you are able to skip the traditional details and have a more inexpensive, played down ceremony. Casual footwear like flip flops, boating shoes, and wedge sandals are great little details that make the wedding have a beach feel. TOMS Bridal White Espadrille Shoes & Groomsmen Boat Shoes

Just like any other vacation, there should be no skimping on cocktails! Create a signature cocktail for your wedding event. This will be a great drink to have again on your anniversary, and guests will remember the wedding day and great trip they had when they sip & enjoy this drink after the travel wedding. Pink Bikini Cocktail

A large factor of planning a destination wedding involves making sure guests are receiving the proper hospitality when traveling to the wedding location. We love this welcome basket idea that utilizes a fun beach bag. Fill the bag with toiletries, treats, and wedding plans and schedules to make sure each guests feels welcomed and at ease during their stay. Bermuda Beach Welcome Bag

Finally, remember to bring a photographer! These destination weddings are meant to be an event to remember, so be sure to have a photographer that can capture every moment. Pictures on the pink beaches will be cherished for years to come. Bermuda Beach Couple Shot

For more information on how to plan your destination wedding, read here.