August 15, 2013

End of Summer Firefly Party

As August rolls on, we are sad to see summer go, but hopeful for the new school year that is ahead. With only a few more weekends left of summer, it is time to get in your last minute celebrations and parties. Today, we are inspired to host a backyard party after dark with a firefly themed cocktail event!


Summer is not complete without spending a night on the porch or backyard patio and watching the magical fireflies circle around you and light the night. So we thought we would host a firefly themed party to honor these little lightning bugs. Send out invites to welcome guests to your home, just make sure to check the weather prior to the event. Stacy Claire Boyd Tiki Torches Firefly Invitation

Stacy Claire Boyd Tiki Torches Invitation
Nothing says summer like drinks from a mason jar! Easier to hold than small cocktail glasses, inexpensive and even possibly recycled from your pasta dinner the night before! Glass jars make the perfect recycled cocktail glass, so you might want to hold onto a few for your next party.

Dessert are always better when you don't have to share, am I right? Making personal pies is a fun way to personalize your party and give everyone a fair share at dessert. You can use assorted fruit fillings or one dish. The pie jars make it easy to travel around the party with and all jars can be reused. Personal Lattice Peach Pies in a Jar

Peach Pie in Jar Recipe
Larger mason jars serve as great cocktail glasses. Make a large pitcher of spiked Arnold palmer cocktails using your favorite lemonade recipe and add Firefly sweet tea vodka with ice and some mint leaves. Guests will be able to refill their glasses when they finish, and all glasses can be reused!Firefly Spiked Arnold Palmer Cocktail
Firefly Cocktail
To entertain the kids, set up a craft table with empty jars and various colors of glow paint and small brushes. Instruct the kids to paint small dots on the inside of the jars, the smaller and more of the dots the better. Once dry, the glow paint will need some time to grab light. After, take the jars into a dark space and watch them transform in to glowing spectacles! DIY Glow Paint Glowing Jar

DIY Glow Paint Jar
If you decide to have kids and adults to this party, a good favor is to include a bug catching kit to take home. Include instructions on how to safely catch fireflies, and be sure to let them know to catch & release so they bugs do not suffocate in the jars when you head to bed! Firefly Catching Kit Favor

Firefly Catching Kit Favor

Which of these ideas will you try this summer?