August 5, 2013

Shark Pool Party Ideas

It's SHARK WEEK! For those who love celebrating this fun fishy week, we've compiled four great party ideas for your next pool party. These ideas are great for planning a shark pool party for your son if they love sea creatures and especially sharks. With the summer coming to a close, it's a great time to get in the final swim before the fall (and school!) begins.

Our invitation inspiration comes for this Itty Bitty shark invitation. We love the swim shorts shape and the shark print! Invite guests to come swim with sharks and host a fun summer shark pool party.

Itty Bitty Shark Invitation

Here are four great ideas we found on Pinterest to get your shark party swimming along:


Top Left: This wreath is great for your next shark party. Using old flip flop, or inexpensive dollar store flip flops, cut out jagged shapes and glue alternating flip flop colors to create a wreath. Make a small chalkboard or wood sign reading "beware of sharks" and add to the center. This is also a great home décor item to have around the pool! Pin this Flip Flop Shark Wreath

Top Right: Who doesn't love watermelon? Fruit is a great way to keep the little swimmers energized without loading them up on bad sugars and junk food. Watermelon is a refreshing way to keep kids healthy and hydrated during the pool party. We love this shark shaped fruit display. Add other kinds of fruit to the "chum" and include a side "chum bucket" for more servings. Pin this Shark Watermelon

Bottom Left: For dessert, serve these easy to make shark fin cupcakes. All it takes is your favorite cupcake recipe, blue icing and dark grey fondant. You can also alternate fin colors or frosting colors to match your party décor. Pin this Shark Cupcake

Bottom Right: Send your guests off with something to remember all the fun they had swimming with their fellow sharks! Using a small craft store clear organizer, place different aquatic gummy candies in the slots and wrap up with fun raffia and a fishing bobber. Guests will be able to eat the bait later on! Pin this Tackle Box Favor

For more great party ideas, visit us our Pinterest page!