August 1, 2013

Stylish Send Off Gift Guide

August marks the halfway point of summer, which for most families means beginning to prepare for the upcoming school year ahead. With back to school on the mind, a lot of first year college students will be leaving their nests and venturing off to colleges and universities both near and far. We've rounded up some great personalized gifts that teenagers will love to receive, and fondly remember those friends and family that they leave back home.


Graduation gifts are always a very thoughtful and generous way to show someone you are proud of their huge accomplishment, and support their future endeavors. A lot of families will host a going away party for their college freshmen, allowing you a perfect time to give them a great off to college gift!

For the tech saavy teen, which is pretty much the entire generation, make sure their style stands out with personalized tablet cases and personalized smart phone cases. These will not only protect the devices when traveling and transporting to and from class, but come in a range of colors and designs to match every personality. Lime iPad Case & Chevron Cell Phone Case

To keep students excited about doing homework and studying, encourage them with stylish desk accessories like this jotter notepad and pencil set. It'll give them an excuse to set up a proper desk and study area in their dorm room. Orange Lizard Desk Caddy

If your college student is traveling by air to their destination college or university, create a custom luggage tag for their baggage so they can always have the proper traveling necessities. These Boatman Geller luggage tags are great for listing all important information, and the other side has a great customizable motif and monogram. These luggage tags also make great gym bag tags, backpack tags, and laundry bag tags! Boatman Geller Anchor & Border Luggage Tag

Finally, give the student something he or she might never think to get themselves, personal stationery! The new student can use these note cards to write short letters to home, letters to friends far away, or send thank you notes to professors and staff that help them along the way. Lilly Pulitzer Gimme Some Leg Note Card

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