August 16, 2013

Want to Get Hired After an Internship? Write a Handwritten Note

If you spent this past summer learning an industry through an internship opportunity, you are one of the few lucky ones in your generation. With more and more high school graduates continuing onto college, competition among the hiring workforce is higher than ever.

Hopefully you've learned a great deal from your time spent working hard at your summer employment, but as you head back to school for another year of education, make sure to leave on the right note. Make your mark on the minds of the people that have helped you grow by writing thoughtful thank you notes to your coworkers. This means both supervisors who helped mentor you, as well as fellow interns and staff. It's important to let everyone know how important the time spent with them was, and how much you value the education and experience you received. These cards can be pre-written for the last day of your internship, or mailed at the end of summer. The sooner the recipients receive them, the better.

Boatman Geller Chevron Note Card

These days, personal handwritten notes are few and far in between. In our connected world of tweets, emails, and text messages, taking the time out to buy stationery, write out a thoughtful note, buy a stamp and mail a letter show a great amount of thoughtfulness and respect. It's so easy to send an email: it's accessible through tablet, laptop, and phone and it's free to send as many as you'd like. But handwritten notes mean more because they cost more time and money. Your supervisors will appreciate the extra steps you have taken to show your gratitude for their investment in your future, and they in turn may later reach back to you for future employment.

Shawn Rabideau Stationery Ruth Flat Card

Handwritten notes also have permanence. While emails can be swiped from our mailbox with a click, cards and envelopes are physical objects that can be held onto and filed away in memories both physical and emotional. The recipient always remembers how they felt when they received your note when they come across the physical card again and again.

Crane & Co. Raspberry Border Note Card

Write a handwritten note to your summer coworkers as a way to always have you kept in the back of their head for future employment. Be sure to thank your coworker for the time they have invested in you and all they have helped you learn. Include a great memory that you shared and will take with you. Finally, leave contact information and ask them to stay in touch.

Shawn Rabideau Terry Flat Card

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