September 3, 2013

Pineapple New Home Ideas

Ever wonder why SpongeBob SquarePants lives in a pineapple home under the sea? Well although he is a quirky cartoon character, he may have a bigger reason for his fruit home.

Pineapples have a long tradition in symbolizing hospitality dating back to the 1400's. Christopher Columbus and his crew discovered the fruit on the island known as Guadeloupe on their voyage of discovery, and brought the pineapple back to Europe in 1493. To the Caribbean people, the pineapple symbolized hospitality, and placed a pineapple near the entrance of a village if the Spaniards were welcome. This trend spread to Europe, then later on the Colonial North America. Later on in Colonial North America, it became a custom to carve the shape of a spiky pineapple into the columns of a plantation to welcome guests. Ship captains would impale fruit pineapples atop their wrought iron fences to their homes, which meant they were home and welcomed everyone to come in, visit, and to see their wares from their travels. (via

Pineapple motifs and symbols can now be seen in everyday home décor as a way to welcome guests into your home. From front entrance decorations like yard lanterns, door knockers, and wreaths, to inside the home with vases, lamps, dishware, and stationery, there are many ways to decorate your home and pass on the feeling of hospitality, warmth, and welcome.


Pineapple Home Décor Inspiration:
Pineapple Tiny Taper Holders
Brass Pineapple Ice Buckets
Personalized Pineapple Door Mat
Pineapple Hurricane Lantern

At, we offer many products that carry this welcoming symbol of hospitality. Welcome guests into your home with pineapple inspired stationery and gifts. All items can be personalized with your family monogram, address, or last name. These items also make great gifts for new homes, housewarming parties, and holiday gifts.


Pineapple Inspired Products:
McPhersons Pineapple Flat Card
Caspari Aubergine Guest Napkin
Boatman Geller Pineapple Platter
PSA Essentials Pineapple Stamp

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