September 30, 2013

Rainbow Loom Birthday Party

With the sudden craze of the Rainbow Loom kits becoming so popular these days, we know that many young children are dreaming of a Rainbow Loom themed birthday party. These super fun rainbow colored rubber band bracelets are a fun craft activity for all ages and skill levels. Kids (and parents too) enjoy creating intricate loom bracelets that can be worn, traded, or used for multiple purposes. With that in mind, we decided to throw together ideas for a great rainbow themed party that you can incorporate in with the rubber band crafting trend to host a sensational birthday party event.

Arts & crafts are always a fun activity for kids birthday parties. Because of the popularity of Rainbow Looms, both boys and girls will equally enjoy the fun of creating new designs and projects. Send out colorful party invitations to get guests excited for the rainbow event. These Rainbow Invitations by PiPo Press are fully customizable to include your party details and any important information. Decorating for this party is all about including every color in the rainbow, the more color, the better! Balloons and streamers are an easy way to get the venue brightened up, as well as garlands and tablecloths. Colorful dishware can also help to tie in the rainbow theme. (Rainbow Dots Garland via Etsy)

Skip the super sugar filled snacks and use nature as a palate pleaser. There are tons of colorful fruits and vegetables that are available at your local supermarket that can be washed, cut, and serve raw with yummy dips to have kids well fed and energized for the party. Leave the fruits and veggies on an open table within little arms reach so that your guests can come and eat as they please. There is no such thing as over indulging on veggies! Rainbow fish cracker snacks are also a great snack alternative to chips. Display in a wide cup that guests can carry with them from activity to activity. (Fruit & Veggie Platter, Rainbow Goldfish Display)

Finally, time for the cake. Nothing is more exciting to cut into than this layered rainbow cake, featuring every color in the rainbow. Create one large cake mix recipe, separate into bowls, and add different food colorings to create this bright and bold masterpiece! (Rainbow Layer Cake Recipe)

Do your kid's use a Rainbow Loom? Tell us if they are into this trend in the comments below.