October 30, 2013

Fall Vineyard Wedding Inspiration

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Fall is officially here. With crisp cool weather and changing leaves, we are excited for the new adventures this season has in store. If you are fortunate enough to be planning a fall wedding, there are so many possibilities of venues, themes, colors, and decor to experiment with. With so many different ideas, we thought we would share one of our favorite weddings.

Fall vineyard weddings are a great choice for your special day. Taking advantage of the gorgeous cool fall weather and pick a location that captures the warm feelings that you would want to share with family and friends. You don't need to head to Napa Valley, CA or Italy to have a vineyard wedding, vineyards can be found in many states and countries if you look. Outdoor venues are great for small or large weddings, and don't require much decor because of their already wonderful landscapes and picture perfect scenery. Vineyard Landscape via Carley Rehberg

Choose an elegant yet simple invitation to welcome guests to the event. This gold lace invitation has just enough luxury without being too over the top. Lace Scroll Invitations by William Arthur

Little details of the big day are what make the moments and memories so special. Choose a dress with little details that you love that will accent the wedding theme as a whole, as well as show you in your best light. Wine corks are a fun and inexpensive way to add little details to this theme. From place cards to table settings and centerpieces, adding little touches of grapes and wines makes this a light hearted theme. Adorned Shoulder Dress via Carol Hannah & Cork Placecards via United with Love

Skip the reds, wines, and purples, that are normally associated with vineyards and go for more vibrant falls colors like rich yellows and oranges. The color palette does not need to be darker because of the season and there is room for light hues of greens too. Outdoor table settings allow for larger tables that might not fit in a building, so everyone can be joined together. Table Setting via La Fleur Weddings

For more vineyard inspiration, check out wedding selection.