February 9, 2014

Foil Stamping 411

We offer three methods of printing when it comes to the metallic foil effect: foil stamping, foil embossing, and contemporary foil printing. Learn about all three processes and which one is right for you.

What is Foil Stamping?

Foil stamping is what most believe to be the tradition when it comes to foil printing. Foil Stamping is a specialized printing method that combines heat, pressure, various colored foil films on metal dies. The printing foil comes in long film rolls and are available in a wide assortment of colors, finishes, and optical effects. Foil stamping is similar to letterpress printing. Metal dies are created from the design that will need each foil color. The dies are then heated and color is applied to the paper with pressure, forming stamped designs and words. Applying the color on top of the paper leaves a seal foiled layer with slightly raised impression that you can both see and feel on the pressed paper.

Foil stamping is a great traditional and elegant approach to printing that leaves a huge impact on the paper presentation. Browse some of our brands that use foil stamping: Allie Monroe, Crane & Co., Haute Papier, Oblation Papers & Press, William Arthur, Vera Wang.

What is Foil Embossing?

Foil embossing is very similar to foil stamping, with just a little additional step. Just like foil stamping, foil embossing utilizes heat, pressure, foil films, and metal dies. The only difference is the way the metal dies are created. Embossing metal dies are raised and given a three dimensional shape so that when heated and pressed with the paper and foiled film, it leaves a puffed surface that is no longer flat on the paper. This three dimensional effect is known as embossing.

Foil embossing is great for those that love the texture of paper and printing. It's a final product that you can see and feel the quality of craftsmanship. Browse some of our brands that use foil embossing: Birchcraft, Caspari, Graphic Image.

What is Contemporary Foil Printing?

Contemporary foil printing is an exclusive process to FineStationery.com which combines the elegance of foil stamping with the affordable digital printing. In this process, design elements that are used throughout every product design are created with the metal dies and foil stamped just as they would be in the traditional sense of the foil printing method. The difference is that the personalized wording or signature is then digitally printed instead of pressed with foil, allowing for more design options at a budget friendly price. This new method of printing allows you to get the look and feel of foil stamping without spending more.

Contemporary foiling is a great option for those that enjoy the aesthetic of foil stamping, but want a more updated look. Browse our selection of contemporary foil printing brands: Checkerboard, Real Simple.

Why Should I Use Foil Printing?

Foil printing is an excellent printing method for many reasons. First, its versatile to use on many papers, fabrics, and other printable textures. The foil is a opaque medium, meaning that it will still be visible over darker colors and thicker textured papers. Foil stamping also does not involve the use of ink (with exception to digital printing afterword with contemporary foil printing.) The foil will never change colors or finish based on the paper texture or color you are using.

Foil is also available in endless color variations and finishes. You can choose from glossy, matte, metallic, pearlescent, marbling and many other patterns. Metallic foils are commonly used because they offer a shiny finish that cannot be achieved with other printing methods like thermography or letterpress.

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