April 11, 2014

Mad Men Inspired Invitations

Calling all dapper dons and cool bettys, isn't it about time you hosted a Mad Men themed party?

Whether you are a fan of the popular AMC hit series Mad Men, or a fan of the era, the 1960's were a time of stiff drinks, nifty finger foods, and most importantly rambunctious times. We've selected our top 5 favorite invites for hosting your own Mad Men event. As the season premiere begins this Sunday, it's time for fans of the show to grab their bar carts, devil some eggs, and strike up a match.

Whether you are hosting a Mad Men watch party in your home on Sunday nights, or using the decade to decorate your 1960s theme engagement party, you're guests will love dressing up like their favorite character from the show, or making up a new character of their own! Don't forget to tell guests to wear their best skinny ties and suits, fedoras, pearls, nylons, and party dresses for a night of retro celebrations.

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Have an upcoming birthday you're looking to theme? Celebrate your next birthday with a Mad Men theme at your favorite local bar. Or invest in a home bar or bar cart and host a cocktail party in your own home. Guests can learn how to make a proper Manhattan, Old Fashioned, or classic Martini cocktail. (Classic Martini Invitation)
For a couple that loves the show, hosting a Mad Men theme engagement party for them is the perfect way to toast their new engagement. Choose a bar location with a 1960s vibe for the full effect of the era. Be sure to make sure the bartender is skilled in cocktail mixology, and have catered finger foods to feed guests. Extra points on creativity for foods popular of that era, like cheese fondue! (Cherry Twist Invitation)

Who can forget Megan Draper's performance of "Zou Bisou Bisou"? Commonly known phrases and lines from Mad Men can be used to theme an invite to tailor it more for your event. We used Megan's lyrics to make this engagement party invite a little more relevant to the show. (Champagne Invitation)
Everyone loves to be "in" when it comes to secret information. We love this confidential file invitation that can be used for a surprise party. Inside the folder holds all vital information for party details. Invite all your birthday gal or guy's favorite coworkers to a day of golf, tennis, or just plain drinks! (Confidential Invitation)
Break out your favorite vintage bar ware and roll out your retro bar carts, it's time to toast! Everyone loves a good themed party, and when mixed with good drinks it's always a great combination. This retro 1950s invitation is perfect for your next cocktail party, and is truly reminiscent of the era. (Blue Cocktail Invitation)

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