August 28, 2015

Designer Spotlight: Design With Heart

All of us here at are thrilled with the recent decision for marriage equality. We are even more pleased with the launch of a new wedding collection that celebrates love in all its forms. The designer of the line, Jason Bradley-Krauss, took time to answer some of our questions about his inspiration for the line and his ultimate wedding favorites.

How did you get started on this project?
I announced I would grow up to become a graphic designer when I was in the third grade. Design is how I see the world. I’ve worked my entire career as a graphic designer, art director and creative director. My husband, Christopher, and I are going on 20 years together. When we were legally married we were celebrated with an outpouring of love. But many of our friends sent us the exact same card. I noticed how few options people had for buying cards to celebrate the occasion of a same-gender wedding. I like to say “Love lit the creative spark that became Design With Heart.” We say all the things that people want to say, no matter who they are or who they love.

What makes your designs stand out from the crowd?
I was very deliberate about the look and feel of the entire Design With Heart product line. I worked to create a sophisticated, but approachable design aesthetic. Clean, crisp, very editorial in feel.

Where do you look to find inspiration for your designs?
I keep my eyes open all the time! I feel like I’m constantly inspired by the world around me. You never really know when true creative inspiration is going to hit -- maybe the line of a book, the lyric to a song, a great color combination in a magazine. I’m slightly obsessed about with typography and geometric prints. I think I always have been.

Tell us about your special day.
I’m still kind of walking on cloud nine from our wedding in New York City last October. Our wedding was very simple - we got married at City Hall. We had an intimate reception dinner at Bryant Park and then went to the top of the Empire States Building. As a same-gender couple with two children, I found planning our wedding to be a daunting task. That was, until a good friend of mine asked me “what do you want to feel?” I knew I wanted to feel unstressed. I wanted to feel connected to my partner. I wanted to feel the love of my children. I wanted to feel the love of my God. So, we were perfectly happy with a very small wedding with close family members at our side.
Plus, my children melted my heart that day. Our daughter (age 7) wore a gorgeous gown and carried our flowers. Our son (age 10) looked dapper and was in charge of our rings. Truly, it was the happiest day of my life.

Jason and his family after their NYC nuptials

What is your favorite part of a wedding?
There are so many parts of a wedding that I love. I love a good wedding song. A beautiful prayer. A touching scripture reading. Gorgeous invitations. The little details. I guess my very favorite part would be watching the parents dance with their children. I always find myself a little choked-up. That kind of pride, love and tenderness is sort of breathtaking.

Right now, what is your favorite wedding theme?
As long as a wedding theme comes from a place of authenticity, it will be perfect. Right now, I’m very drawn to the color palette of crisp black and white + 1 color. It feels timeless and uncluttered - elegant without trying too hard.

Best wedding favor you've ever received?

We have friends who are musicians. For their wedding favor, they created an entire musical album of original songs for their wedding guests. The music was from the heart, and it really showcased their passions as a couple.

Thank you Jason for answering all our questions and talking wedding with us! We are delighted to featured your wedding suites on our site. Below we have two of the staff favorites from the collection along with some examples for pulling off a wedding to match. Take a look and get inspired.