February 19, 2016

5 Simple & Thoughtful Bridesmaid's Gifts

Wedding season is upon us. Celebrate those lovely ladies that will stand by your side through it all with personal and thoughtful gifts. This list of 5 gifts you can give your bridesmaids is easily adaptable to fit your theme or the individual. Take a look at the list and let us know how you tell those special people how much their support means to you.

1. Coming in Clutch

Gift your maids a small bag for them to keep with them throughout the busy wedding day. Choose a bag to match their gorgeous dresses for a cohesive look or choose one with a touch of sparkle to make a statement. Bonus points for filling the bag with day-of needs such as, gum, lotion, and bobby pins.

2. Signature Scent

It's no secret that a certain scent will take us back to a fond memory and fill us with joy. Give this gift to your favorite girls with a perfume so they can remember the day every time they spritz away. 

3. Make it Personal

An easy way to show your bridesmaids they are one-of-a-kind is to give them a personalized gift. Any thing from personalized mugs to even a DIY photo album will hold a special place in their hearts. You could even gift them personalized jewelry that they could wear the day-of and then again and again for many years.

4. Bon Voyage

This next gift is perfect for the bridesmaids traveling with you to your destination wedding. Help them travel in style with monogrammed luggage tags. Not only do they help your group look unified they can use them for future adventures, too.

5. Celebrate the Night 

Help take the stress out of the big day by gifting mini bottles of Champagne. Make it extra special by adding these personalized flutes for a bonus smile on your bridesmaids faces and a creative photo op.