February 15, 2016

Sincerely: A Conversation with Wild Heart Events, Part III

Welcome back! This week brings us our third installment of wedding planning expertise from Jaime Kostechko from Wild Heart Events. This week were talking vendors, what to ask them and how to handle negotiation. This tricky part of the planning process is important to pulling off your big day but doesn't have to be stressful. Follow the advice below for a smoother process and inspiration for a night to remember. 

Q : What are important things to discuss before signing a Vendor Contract?
A : It is always important to be upfront about your budget. We work with clients of varying budgets, but it is very hard for a vendor to do their job for a client who is trying to get a deal by misquoting their budget. A better approach is to be upfront about what you plan to spend and what you expect and then the vendor can do their best to comply. Honesty is always the best policy….be upfront with your vendors. We are never offended if our ideas need revision…it is the client’s big day and not ours!
Q : What other resources do you use to help your clients plan the perfect wedding?
A : I feel like it is important to stay contemporary….we recently have integrated Aisle Planner, an online, cloud-based platform into our planning process. With communication being internet-heavy, I have found that an online planning lounge creates a place where we can all store documents, inspiration, proposals, etc and access them at any time all in one place. It also enables us to easily use our templates that we have honed over the past 5 years and apply them to all of our clients without hundreds of emails!

Take a look at this amazing wedding by Wild Heart Events featuring different vendors coming together for an unforgettable evening of celebration. Set on an expansive ranch with gorgeous rocky views, this wedding included gorgeous floral arrangements, a romantic Ferris wheel, and even a visit from In-N-Out Burger. 

 Photography provided by Rebecca Fishman