February 22, 2016

Sincerely: A Conversation with Wild Heart Events Part IV

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Welcome back to the fourth part of our conversation with Jaime Kostechko from Wild Heart Events, a wedding planning firm in Southern California. This week we asked for Jaime's advice on which aspects of the wedding are worth the splurge and which are okay to save money on. Follow these pro tips for an easy way to make tough budgeting decisions and to pull off the wedding of your dreams.

3 Ways to Splurge

In terms of Splurging, I should say that we do our best to fit everything into our client’s budgets.  So I often tell my clients to shift their budget areas to reflect things that make the biggest impressions. 
1. Linens: In my opinion, the linens really make the look of a room.  When guests walk into the reception, they see the overall look of everything, not necessarily the tiny details.  A nice linen, or a fun runner, or even a patterned napkin can all set the tone!  

2. Flowers: Most clients do not budget enough in the floral department even though the style and colors of the flowers determine the design of the event and the feel! There is a bit of sticker shock associated with flowers, but there is also a ton of behind the scenes costs.  Not only is the creation of flowers time sensitive as to when they are bought and put together, but there is a ton of supplies involved, extra hands that have to be paid, and then transporting them to the venue for setup.  Finally on the tail end, the florist is expected to come back and take everything down and haul the flowers away.  
3. Entertainment: This is something your guests will take away from the event.  No one likes a boring wedding.  A god band is able to get even the most introverted of dancers cutting a rug!

3 Ways to Save

1. Favors: In terms of places that I don’t recommend my clients spend, I feel that favors are hit or miss.  Don’t get me wrong, if you splurge on the favor, it can be amazing, but most people have only a moderate to low budget for this area.  I can’t tell you how many favors have ended up left on the tables at the end of the night.
2. Guest Book: The guest book is something that is on it’s way out as well.  Not only do you never pick it up or look at it once it hits the shelf at home, but people never know what to write!  There are tons of fun alternatives to this now, it has become an area to add creative and unique touch to the day.
3. Beverages: Whenever we need to make last minute budget cuts, the welcome beverage station is the first to go for me.  While is it a nice gesture to offer non-alcoholic beverages before the ceremony, most guests are too busy catching up and talking to grab one.  

Come back next week for the final part of our conversation with Jaime!