March 9, 2016

Designer Spotlight: 14 & Orange

Today, we bring you a special interview with a one-of-a-kind designer and the creative mind behind the latest wedding collection from 14 & Orange. This collection focuses on subtle additions of color to add a stylistic look and shine to your big day. In our chat with Alisha Jones, the fabulous designer, we learned all about the creative process and what trends are making a big impact on designers today. 

Q : Describe your creative process.

A : My process almost always starts with research. Word lists help me become familiar with the brand so I can focus the aesthetic of the collection. Photo inspiration, typography and color themes are also important to establishing the look of a stationery product. When it comes to creating assets, using paper and pencil is my favorite way to sketch elements that I think would work in the designs. The sketch process isn’t very glamorous, but essential. I really love the idea of rolling my sleeves up and getting my hands a little dirty.

A peek at my work space and some of my original sketches

Q : What are your favorite sources for inspiration?

A : Working in the stationery industry I’m surrounded by various elements that influence my creative process. I find myself looking at all sorts of papers, textures and colors everyday, so it’s hard not to use my workplace as a source for inspiration. Pinterest is another source I use. I love the convenience of creating a mood board without having to break out the scissors and glue. And lastly, when I get tired of staring at a computer all day,  I’ll walk the aisle of hardware stores, craft shops, and my neighborhood collecting resources for inspiration.

Q : What is your favorite part of designing a collection?

A : So many elements in this collection are hand drawn. Organic floral patterns and feather accents were some of my favorites to create. I really loved pairing these organic elements with modern typography, luxurious papers and radiant foil for a unique feel. The look of those elements are stunning, but the real excitement came when I got the opportunity to touch them and see the high quality. It’s exhilarating gliding your hand over a foiled version of a design you created.

Q : What is your favorite piece?

A : Much like a Mother says to her children, “I have no favorites, I love them equally…” There are so many characteristics I can pick from each piece that would be exciting to talk about.  So, if I have to pick one, it would be the Serenity Feather Invitation. Everything about this invitation is delicate from the feather imagery to simplicity of the the type. I love the look of the serenity blue color mixing with the gold foil.
Q : What wedding trends do you love right now?

A : There are certainly a couple of trends that catch my eye. One is Boho chic, which can feature heavy organic elements taking center stage like flowing florals, feathers, and non-uniform patterns. I’m also a sucker for type, so I am loving the trend of incorporating modern calligraphy. I get excited to see an anatomical approach to calligraphy, it’s a bold contrast to the highly structured rigid practice to rendering letter forms. Lastly, floral patterns are really making a comeback, but not in a Grandma’s wallpaper kinda way. There is a looser flow to the patterns now that artists are branching out and becoming more creative with their composition.

Q : What’s your best advice to up-and-coming graphic designers?

A : Any designer looking to create stationery should fully immerse themselves and grasp the principles of typography. Well set type is key to the success of any stationery design. Master the art form and then break the rules. This might sound like basic design advice, but I think it's easily forgotten in the industry. Also, watch trends happening in stationery, it's so easy to date yourself if you're using fonts, color palettes, and graphics from 5 years ago. Know what the industry is doing and try to keep up.

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