March 15, 2016

Sincerely: A Conversation with Elizabeth Balch

This week we bring you, our readers, a fabulous Q&A with an amazing photographer who is here to answer the important questions about your engagement photo session. Elizabeth Balch is a wedding photographer who is based in California but loves to travel, especially internationally, to capture once in a lifetime moments for couples all over the world. We took the time to ask her the important questions about how to get the most out of your upcoming photo session. Read the conversation below to find out the answers and see some inspiration from a session shot in a romantic vineyard.
Q : What do you look for from your clients before you start the shoot?

A : My hope is to learn about a their personalities and hear their love stories. What is unique to them as a couple. Does one person love wine tasting an another swing music incorporate both in the engagement session. If they met at a pier, or in a laundromat, make that the location and add pieces to the shoot that will be fun. Maybe they love to cook together then, you can do images of them in a great kitchen, making dinner and have a table set outside in a romantic location for at sunset. Endless fun and possible ideas.

Q : What are some helpful tips that you would recommend for a couple to prepare for their shoot?

A : One helpful tip that I like to provide is to think about things are meaningful and unique to you as a couple. If you love surfing maybe you add a surfboard to an image or maybe it’s on a cliff overlooking a surf spot. If you have an old record collection maybe use the records all over a wall for a back drop. If it’s in the woods bring a blanket to wrap up in. Props are always fun! If you want winter pictures in the woods bring hats and a warm blanket.

For clothing, I suggest that a couple picks two or three solid colors or small patterns. You will want to coordinate the colors but not have matching outfits. Choose colors that look good on you and then look good together.

Q : How should a couple choose a location for the shoot?

A : The best way to choose a location for your photo shoot is to think about a location that has meaning to you as a couple. Places like your favorite date locations or where you spend time together are always good choices. Choosing a location that you love is ideal to make it more unique. You can also think about beaches in the area, the woods or even downtown in a city.

Here's some inspiration from an outdoor photo session shot by Elizabeth. The location and styling of the shoot are thought out and coordinate impeccably.

Come back in two weeks for more photography advice from Elizabeth about how to get the most out of your wedding photos. Once you have your photos, add them to a stylish Save the Date card, available here.