March 29, 2016

Sincerely: A Conversation with Elizabeth Balch, Part II

This week we bring our readers, another Q&A with Elizabeth BalchElizabeth is a wedding photographer who is based in California but loves to travel, especially internationally, to capture once in a lifetime moments for couples all over the world. We asked her to offer her advice to help brides through the wedding day photos. Read her guidance below and see some overseas photo inspiration full of romance and love. 

Q : What techniques do you  use to make couples feel relaxed in front of the camera?

A : First and foremost, I need to feel peaceful and full of energy which will set the mood of expectation and joy. Usually the couple has had an engagement session so they already feel pretty comfortable with me at their wedding. I recommend this for couples so that you know how to work with your photographer and you know that their style is something you are comfortable with.

Movement is key to helping people feel comfortable in front of a camera. Whether it’s walking, dancing, or simply doing something different. Kissing always seems to help the couple. I always tell people to stay connected, holding hands, eye contact, kissing is always a good one!

Q : How should the bride and groom prepare for bad weather such as rain or snow?

A : I would recommend getting a large adorable umbrella, maybe even rain boots for after the reception to play in the rain. Rain can be very romantic so you can use it to your benefit. If it’s snowing you can have the wedding party make snowballs. Bring gloves and scarfs and have a snowball fight as a couple or make a snowman. 

Also, try and find a place that has an outside walkway or covering that you can take pictures that will capture the weather without getting wet. Make the most of the the weather and enjoy your day to the fullest!  Or have your wedding in Los Angeles where it almost never rains or snows.

Q : Are there any photography trends that you love right now and would recommend for couples to try?

A : I personally love adding furniture and incorporating that in shoots. Adding unexpected texture is always fun. Anything that can bring out your personalities will help you feel more relaxed and able to focus on your big day.

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