March 22, 2016

Throw a Perfect Dinner Party

Gather friends and family around your table for an unforgettable evening. Follow the advice below to pull off the night with style and grace like the hostess you are. We featured our most helpful words of wisdom to help you plan a special evening to celebrate any occasion.

Start by inviting your guests in an elegant and stylish way. We added our favorites here but shop the dinner party collection if you need more options. Add the simple details about the evening which will be featured with a illustration that matches your theme.

Once you've sent out your invitations, get to planning your menu! The easiest way to make it a stress-free night, choose dishes that can cook while your entertaining. Use the crock-pot and an easy alternative to heating up your house with your oven. Leaving the oven unoccupied frees it up to be used for side dishes or appetizers. If you are hosting a party in the summer months, crank up the grill! For recipe ideas, check out this helpful link with tons of inspiration. 

After the menu is planned, decorate your space! Make sure your space is comfortable for entertaining with plenty of open space and table tops for appetizers and drinks. Set the table the night before so it can be one less thing you have to worry about the day of when you'll be cooking and getting yourself ready. Add fresh flowers for a simple touch that polishes off any room. 

On the night of your dinner party you should be relaxed and ready to entertain. If you're bustling about in the kitchen the whole night, your guests will feel unwelcome and that they should be helping you instead of relaxing themselves. Make sure you are ready to enjoy the night as much as your guests, its a party for you too! Dishes can always be done the next day so treasure the moments with your friends and family while they are all gathered under your roof.