Writing a Love Letter from the Heart

Finding the right words to express how you feel can be a real challenge. Here are a few tips on how to translate your love and admiration into a letter your mate is sure to treasure for years to come.

  • Select a nice piece of stationery for your note, something that will stand the test of time. For Valentine’s Day you might want to select a seasonal design with a passionate red or sweet pink, but there is also something very intimate about using your own personal stationery.
  • Begin the letter with your love’s full first name, especially if you normally use a shortened version or a nickname (Elizabeth instead of Liz, or Timothy instead of Tim). Though it may seem very formal for an intimate letter, it is actually quite the opposite. Most likely, many people shorten your mate’s name, and to see it written out in its entirety can be very striking.
  • Open with a statement as to why you’ve been inspired to write the note. “This Valentine’s Day, I wanted to take a moment to tell you how much you mean to me” or “While you were sleeping this morning, the sun glinted through your hair and you smiled softly. It’s that perpetual optimism that makes me love you so much… but that isn’t the only reason…”
  • Throughout the body of the letter, focus on the things that you find admirable in your mate, for example, his innate ability to make you laugh or her hard-working attitude. Be sure to use plenty of adjectives.
  • Also mention things that you’ve noticed that make your lover unique. The cute dimple that comes out in a cheek when he smiles a certain way, or the way she laughs so hard she cries. He/she will really appreciate the attention to detail.
  • The letter doesn’t have to be long. Instead of dragging it out (and possibly losing your credibility), keep it simple and sweet.
  • Finish your letter with a meaningful complimentary closing. Instead of “Love” or “Sincerely” try “I’m yours” or “With great admiration.”
  • Lightly spritz the stationery with your signature scent for a subtle reminder of yourself.
  • Do not reserve love letters only for special days like Valentine’s Day and your anniversary. While it is wonderful to receive a love note on these special occasions, there’s just something more meaningful about a letter that was written with some spontaneity.

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