How to Write a Thank You Card

There is never a wrong time to say thank you to someone for a kind word they said, a gift they gave, or a thoughtful deed they did that made your day brighter. Sometimes, it’s difficult to know what to say in a thank you card, and store bought cards don’t always convey your thoughts clearly, or exactly how you would express them. Perhaps this is your first time writing a thank you, and you want to be sure to get it right. We have some tips to help you write a thank you card to that special, thoughtful someone. The fact that you make the effort to send a handwritten thank you note says you care, and that your thoughts come from the heart. In this day and age of emails, texts, and social media posts, taking the time to craft a handwritten note will give your note extra meaning and show the person you send it to how much their kindness meant to you.

The best words to say thank you.

Before you sit down to write your thank you note, think through what you want to say. Whether you begin with the words “Thank you” or another phrase that expresses your thanks such as, “It meant so much to me that…” or “I’m so grateful for…” beginning your note by expressing your thankfulness will start things off right. Then, add the specific details telling how their words or deeds affected your life in a positive way. Often, the hardest part of writing a thank you is how to begin, so here are some more examples of how to say “thank you” using different words

  • “I want you to know how much your thoughtfulness is appreciated”·      
  • “Your kind deed helped make my day (week/month/year/situation) brighter”·      
  • “The care you showed by extending a hand was so helpful”·    
  •   “You are a great example of what it means to be a kind and caring person”·      
  • “The encouragement you gave when I needed it most meant so much to me”

If you are thanking someone for a monetary gift, you can tell them how you plan to use the money, or what you’re saving it for. If you make a purchase with the money, take a photo of yourself smiling and holding the item you bought. If you used the money for a special celebration like a birthday outing, take an appropriate picture while you’re out on the town and print it out to include in the card. If the gift is going toward something like a trade school, educational course, or college degree, let them know how much you appreciate their help in getting one step closer toward your goal. Even if you’re not sure how you’re going to use the gift you received, you should still thank the person for the gift and note that you will be placing it in your savings until it can be put to good use. As you close out your thank you cards, restate your appreciation for their thoughtfulness and how much you’re looking forward to seeing them again.

Timing is important

The timing of sending a thank you note is important. Don’t let too much time pass before you sit down and write out your thanks. A good rule of thumb is to send out your thank you note within one month after receiving the gift. But don’t balk at sending a thank you if more than 30 days have passed, as you can always start your note with an apology for the delay in saying thanks.

Everyone appreciates it when their kindness and caring are noticed and appreciated. Saying thank you makes everyone feel better, both the person giving thanks and the one receiving it. Gratitude helps build strong relationships with others, forms new friendships, and solidifies existing ones. Thoughtfulness breeds thoughtfulness, and kindness breeds kindness, and strengthening these qualities in ourselves helps perpetuate them in others, and makes our world a better place.

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