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Many of my blogging pals are also small business owners. Whether you own a small shop on Etsy or operate a booming brick and mortar business, it is important to always put your best foot forward, especially when it comes to the paper you use for operations.

Plain white letterhead with matching envelopes.
Classic White letterhead with matching envelopes from

What kind of stationery do I need for business?

Every business should have business cards, letterhead and matching envelopes bearing the company’s logo for day-to-day mailings and business interactions. However, there are other forms of stationery that are just as important in terms of communicating with your customers. For example, it would be an excellent idea to have personal correspondence or note cards bearing the company’s logo. That way you can send a handwritten correspondence card after a meeting or business lunch. This will make a lasting impression with clients and colleagues alike.

Personalized notecard with monogram, matching envelope.
Classic White Note Cards from

What is the proper way to fold a business letter?

To ensure that your company’s image remains flawless, it is good know how to properly fold and insert business documents into envelopes.

To fold a standard letterhead sheet, fold the bottom of the sheet up until there is about a third of the letter remaining at the top and crease. Then, fold the top of the letter down to meet the first fold and crease.

Insert correspondence cards into your envelope so that the front of the card is facing the back of the envelope. This way, when the flap is opened, the recipient will first see the design or message. It is much like greeting some one in person. You would certainly not keep your back to them, and so is the same with a card. The front of the card should “greet” its recipient. 

When writing business correspondence, what is the best way to sign a letter or card?

There are a variety of complimentary closings to choose from, including “Best regards,” “Yours truly” and “Respectfully yours,” however, the best closing to use for a letter that is strictly business is “Sincerely.” Whichever complimentary closing you choose, make sure that you hand-sign each letter. Typed signature blocks make it easy for the recipient to see whom the letter is from, but they will surely appreciate seeing that you took the time to also hand-sign your signature.

Thank-you cards by Fine Stationery

Know when a thank you note is warranted in the business world.

Whether you are thanking someone for a favor, gift or meal, a thank you note is a great way to show your appreciation to clients, colleagues and executives alike. It would even be a wise move to send a note to those you take out for a meal. Thanking them for taking the time out of their busy schedules in order to meet with you.

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