Designer Spotlight: Judy Ross Textiles

We had a chance to sit down and chat with modern textile designer, Judy Ross to discuss her recent stationery launch. This collection was inspired by Judy’s soft, geometric patterns that bring a sense of familiarity to match her home décor products. Each of the 24 products available are easily customized to match any style or preference. Read below for an insider’s look on the design process behind the collection. 

Q : Explain your design process.

A : My design process starts with the sketch pad I always keep by my side to draw my ideas and record what surrounds me.  It’s a visual diary of my daily life. My seasonal collections of pillows and rugs start as sketches; I choose my favorites and create large abstract india ink drawings. The drawings are translated into textiles by skilled artisans using intricate hand embroidery work.  I love to interpret each design in many colorways using a painterly sense of color. Right now, I’m in love with shades of blue and burgundy with touches of grey! 

Q : Where do you draw most of your inspiration from?

A : I studied painting, so my inspiration comes from fine art.  I have a lot of friends who are artists and being around them feeds my creative mind. My vast collection of artist’s books is a huge inspiration!I’ve also been lucky to lead a life of travel, and my curiosity and openness inspire new ideas and adventures which show through in my work. I don’t always go far, though – living in New York affords many opportunities to visit wonderful art galleries and museum shows!

Inspiration behind the designs

Q : Why was developing a stationery line important to you? 

A : Judy Ross Textiles is recognized for a distinctively clean and modern signature style. I  have a loyal clientele who collect my pillows, textiles, and rugs. It seemed such a natural progression to translate my designs into a line of stationery. My designs have a hand-drawn feeling with a graphic edge which translates wonderfully to stationery.  I am very happy to offer many of my iconic designs such as Fauna, Arbor and Celine as customized stationery! 

Q : What is your favorite piece from the collection?

A : I absolutely love the Celine. It’s so chic. But I can’t choose just one… I also love Fauna. I created this design in 2004 and it’s still one of my most popular designs. It shows that my work is both timeless and contemporary! 

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