Cubical Feng Shui

The Best Cubicle Decor Ideas We’ve Seen for Positive Energy

While a cubicle is perhaps not the ideal work environment for most of us, there are ways to increase your productivity and change your frame of mind in your tiny work-space. We believe that a well thought-out space makes all the difference, and that taking some inspiration from the Chinese philosophy of Feng Shui is the perfect way to make your cubicle feel like home. Here are some of our favorite ways to redesign your cubicle for positive energy.

Rearrange your cubicle

As far as office Feng Shui is concerned, there is a right way and a wrong way to organize your office space if you want to feel calm, confident, and in control of your environment. If you want to regain control of your cubicle, the Command Position is the ideal placement for your desk or primary work area. From this space–usually diagonally opposite from the door or entryway–you can see the entire room, know what or who is coming, and feel less anxious about any potential surprises during the day. If moving your desk in this way is not possible (cubicles are tiny, after all!), a small mirror near over your desk will allow you to monitor your entryway in the same way. In addition to considering the Command Position, we recommend keeping your work and storage spaces separated as much as possible to avoid confusion and unnecessary stress.

Get organized

While your personal preferences for cleanliness and organization may vary, it is essential to keep a tidy and organized work environment. Regular decluttering, cleaning, filing, and rearranging of paperwork will help you to perform better and feel better in your workplace. Because cubicles are small, having a well-organized work space means that you can maximize productivity and find what you need easily without feeling like you’re drowning in paper. Make use of paper trays and labeled file boxes to free up space on your desk, and keep your thoughts and to-do lists organized with note padssticky notes, or jotter cards. Remembering that there is a place for everything, and keeping everything in its place will help you to stay calm and focused even when the rest of your office is busy and stressed. 

Bring the outside in

Employees who are stuck inside all day every day may start to feel bogged down with their workload and lacking in positive energy. While there is no way to physically alter a cubicle working environment (although installing some new windows or increasing the size of your workspace would be fantastic), there are few tricks to help you remember that there is a world outside your four walls. Air-cleansing plants, bright flowers, and natural light can freshen the air in your cube, add color to an otherwise drab space, and drastically alter your mood for the better. If absolutely necessary, you can use artificial lighting to recreate sunlight, but make sure to choose your office lighting wisely, because some light temperatures are more conducive to focus than others. Most office environments use cool white LEDs or fluorescent light strips, but these can feel harsh after hours indoors and even decrease your energy and productivity levels. We recommend considering a table lamp with a warmer bulb if you want to calm down your eyes and body from time to time during the day.

Personalize your space

One of the best ways to ensure a positive attitude in an otherwise cramped cubicle space is personalization. Make your work space feel like home by bringing in a few personal effects such as framed motivational and inspirational quotes, meaningful knickknacks, or photos of the places and people you love. Be careful not to go overboard with your personalization, though, because too many personal items may make you nostalgic for home and counting down the minutes until the end of the day. To maximize on your positive energy, find ways to combine both your work and home personas. Personalized correspondence such as letterheadsbusiness cards, and stamps or address labels look great, make you feel more professional, and give you ownership over your work environment. 

Lauren Pezzullo is a writer, editor, and musicophile who’s passionate about vegetarianism and sustainable eating. As an editor for Modernize, she writes about energy-efficient living in the home. She’s currently writing her debut novel.

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