April 21, 2016

Designer Spotlight: Claudia Owen

This week we are not only celebrating the first bits of spring but also new designs from the amazing Claudia Owen. Hailing from Down Under, this Australian designer has an expansive collection on our site for any cause of celebration. We had the chance to speak to this busy lady about her design process and what she uses for inspiration. Take a peek below for a glimpse into her world.

Q : Take us through a typical day designing.
A : My day typically starts at 4:30 in the morning while my daughter sleeps so I can do a few hours of work before she gets up. I prepare a warm cup of tea, have a good audio book to listen to and get to work. Before I start designing I like to have an idea of what kind of look I’m trying to achieve and then I start experimenting with different layouts and color combinations. As I explore and play around with what I have, I find that different ideas and designs concepts start to emerge so I work on those concepts over a few days, that way each day I can look at my work and tweak the designs until they are finished.
Once my daughter is up, my morning is filled with other mummy activities so I have a big break from my work until the afternoon when I have a babysitter look after my daughter for a few hours while I work. Once I’m at work again, I continue working and exploring new ideas until the new designs feel finished. 

Q : How did you get interested in the stationery industry?
A : My background is in graphic design so I’ve always loved design and working with layouts and typography.  Stationery is so much fun to design and I love coming up with new ideas that people can use for their special events.

Q : Where do you find inspiration for your designs?
A : A fun technique I’ve been using lately is to look at photos and grab some of those elements in the photo and turn them into a card. I find this way of working lots of fun and also a wonderful challenge at the same time. The other great thing about this way of working is that I usually end up with a design that is unique and I end up using colors and layouts that I would have probably never considered otherwise.

Here are some examples of some of my designs inspired by beautiful photos: 
This card design is inspired by an iconic design, the Red and Blue Chair designed by Gerrit Rietveld in 1918. The chair is representative of De Stijl movement. 
This card design is inspired by this gorgeous colorful boot. Image via The Blonde Salad. I think these bright colors make a wonderful summery party invite don’t you think?

This card design is inspired by this gorgeous dress called Calculated Risk by Camilla and Marc. The colors and the design of this dress are slightly unusual but I think that is what makes this dress so unique. I think it also makes a great card too.
This card design is inspired by this beautiful photo by Not So Mumsy. I thought the colors and the stripes gave this card a very nautical feel about it.

This card design is inspired by this t-shirt from Witchery. Stripes are so much fun to wear and they also make great cards too! I wouldn’t normally put these two colors together, but I like the result. 

Q : What trends are you loving right now?
A : The trend I’m loving rght now is marbling. There are many ways that you can introduce this trend into your designs and I’ve been having lots of fun creating a number of designs inspired by this.

Q : What is your favorite part of spring?
A : Spring is a beautiful time of the year and I love to see everything turn green and watch the flowers bloom.  I love the warm weather, longer days and spend time outdoors enjoying the sunshine.  I love everything about spring! Unfortunately for me, on this side of the world is autumn right now but we are still getting beautiful warm days.

Q : You’re going on a picnic, what do you bring?
A : Apart from some food and a very comfortable blanket I would take my sketchbook and my camera so I can draw and take hundreds of pictures.

Shop the collection here for a unique way to celebrate the most important occasions. 

April 12, 2016

Derby Party Essentials

Dust off your hat and stock up on your bourbon, it's horse racing season! Celebrate the most exciting 2 minutes in sports with a fantastic party.

Invite your Guests

Use these beautifully illustrated invitations to set the tone for your themed party. Add the exciting details to be featured front and center. Now through April 21st, take 30% off your invitations with code DERBY30!

Decorate the Space

Fill up your space with festive decorations to help your guests feel like they're in on the action, standing track side in Kentucky.

Dress up

Dress to the nines for this event. Throw on a beautiful sundress and top if off with a hat, the bigger the better! For the gents, outfit him in a bow-tie and plenty of seersucker.

Cheers in Style

Celebrate the day with refreshing libations. Mint Juleps are always a staple, but you can get creative with any drink that features bold Kentucky bourbon.

Need more inspiration? Follow our Pinterest board for endless ideas and DIY tricks.

April 4, 2016

April Desktop Wallpaper Download!

It's finally April! Enjoy the beginning buds of spring with this floral wallpaper. Bright flowers will line the sides of your screen, bringing a hint of a garden to your work space. This month's wallpaper was created by 14 & Orange and it is designed to keep you on track and focused all month. Click below for the download!

April 1, 2016

Floral Wedding Trends for 2016

Floral trends are always changing and recycling through time. This year, we are seeing a lot of organic elements added to traditional bouquets for a modern feel. Brides are splurging on lush floral arrangements and details for a unique look on their big day. We looked at the trends taking over Pinterest and bring you the top 5. If you're feeling like a risky trendsetter, mix and match for a one-of-a-kind look!

Organic Bouquets

Using local, seasonal flowers creates one-of-a-kind look for your wedding day. Arranging florals in a loose, organic style can coordinate with any rustic or garden wedding theme.

Long Ribbons

Add length to your flowers! Luxurious ribbons add an ethereal feel to match the theme of your big day. Use ribbons with different textures, like lace or velvet, to add dimension.


Succulents are having a moment right now. These organic plants make a excellent choice for winter weddings especially, because they are available year round. They are a simple base, perfect for adding pops of color for your outdoor wedding.

Hanging Centerpieces

These centerpieces are not only beautiful but also capable of turning any space into an intimate setting. Another plus, they give you the opportunity to incorporate dense floral without having them get in the way of guests' conversations.

 Add Berries

Add unexpected touches to your bouquet by incorporating lush berries. This trend adds volume and texture to your flowers for an overall unique look.

March 29, 2016

Sincerely: A Conversation with Elizabeth Balch, Part II

This week we bring our readers, another Q&A with Elizabeth BalchElizabeth is a wedding photographer who is based in California but loves to travel, especially internationally, to capture once in a lifetime moments for couples all over the world. We asked her to offer her advice to help brides through the wedding day photos. Read her guidance below and see some overseas photo inspiration full of romance and love. 

Q : What techniques do you  use to make couples feel relaxed in front of the camera?

A : First and foremost, I need to feel peaceful and full of energy which will set the mood of expectation and joy. Usually the couple has had an engagement session so they already feel pretty comfortable with me at their wedding. I recommend this for couples so that you know how to work with your photographer and you know that their style is something you are comfortable with.

Movement is key to helping people feel comfortable in front of a camera. Whether it’s walking, dancing, or simply doing something different. Kissing always seems to help the couple. I always tell people to stay connected, holding hands, eye contact, kissing is always a good one!

Q : How should the bride and groom prepare for bad weather such as rain or snow?

A : I would recommend getting a large adorable umbrella, maybe even rain boots for after the reception to play in the rain. Rain can be very romantic so you can use it to your benefit. If it’s snowing you can have the wedding party make snowballs. Bring gloves and scarfs and have a snowball fight as a couple or make a snowman. 

Also, try and find a place that has an outside walkway or covering that you can take pictures that will capture the weather without getting wet. Make the most of the the weather and enjoy your day to the fullest!  Or have your wedding in Los Angeles where it almost never rains or snows.

Q : Are there any photography trends that you love right now and would recommend for couples to try?

A : I personally love adding furniture and incorporating that in shoots. Adding unexpected texture is always fun. Anything that can bring out your personalities will help you feel more relaxed and able to focus on your big day.

Take a look at some serious wedding photo inspiration from these romantic nuptials, shot abroad in Italy.