January 9, 2012

How to Write a Gracious Thank You Note

Whether you want to thank someone for a gift, a meal or for being a good host, sending a thank you note is an excellent way to convey your appreciation. Here are a few tips on how to give your gratitude graciously:
  • Before you start writing your note you’ll want to invest in quality stationery. Receiving a handwritten note in the mail is such a delight and for the note to be written on a beautiful note or flat card makes the experience extra special. Be sure to select a design that is an apt reflection of you and your personality.
  • Always date your note. If something happens at the postal office to delay its delivery, the date on your note will ensure the addressee appreciates your promptness.
  • Your goal with a thank you note is to make the addressee feel truly appreciated. Many times, we will scribe something quickly to get the social job done, but a well thought-out message will make a lasting impression.
  • A thank you note should start by thanking the recipient for the gift or service.
  • Next, be sure to tell the addressee why the gift or service made such an impression on you—was the sweater exactly what you had been looking for? Was your host especially accommodating in some way (for example, stocking your room with sweet smelling toiletries)?
  • Compliment the person you wish to thank—praise her style, his willingness to help or her thoughtfulness.
  • Close the letter by reinforcing your gratitude.


Thank You Note Tips
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Thank You Note Tips
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Thank You Note Tips
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